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  • SPARENBURG Castle of Bielefeld

    SPARENBURG Castle of Bielefeld

  • City Hall of Bielefeld

    City Hall of Bielefeld

  • Art Museum / Bielefeld

    Art Museum / Bielefeld

  • Carnival Bielefeld / Germany

    Carnival Bielefeld / Germany


Warm welcome at Alalmanya Alarabiya Medical Service (AAMS)

The German health care performance has an excellent reputation all over the world. Comparative surveys with other leading industrialized nations are proving: thanks to innovative medical engineering is Germany able to offer the best care and state of the art medical treatments.
For this reason many people from abroad are gladly to visit Germany for medical care. Also more and more patients from Arab countries are counting on the high quality standards of German hospitals and medical professions. However, most hospital facilities are inadequate attuned to Arab customers. A close patient attendance and a professional organized stay is of particular importance to ensure a satisfactory treatment. Understanding the needs of our patients with profound knowledge about the Arab culture, code of conduct and tradition are next to health care of utmost importance.


We from Alalmanya Medical Service (AAMS) made it our central task to provide qualified assistance to our customers. For our patients from Arab countries we stay on their side, comprehensive and reliable with our individual and comfort service. Even people from other countries and cultures we accompany and advice competently through their entire treatment stay in Germany.


Talk to us. We are pleased to help you.